What it gives us

We have a business with scale, breadth and diversity of exposure, which is built to take into account the megatrends driving change in our industry, the short-term market movements we experience and positions us to work towards our long-term aims and strategy.

A balanced and diverse model

We have deliberately and strategically built a business which is balanced and diverse.

We have exposure to both more cyclical, mature markets such as the UK and more immature, structural growth markets such as Germany. We are exposed to the temporary, contractor and permanent recruitment markets and have long-established scale and expertise in 20 specialist areas of skilled employment.

We have public sector and private sector clients, and work on one-off placements for SMEs and global multi-nationals as well as contract-based higher volume recruitment for our larger clients.

The balance, breadth and scale of our business is unique in the world of specialist recruitment.

This is a key differentiator, and we believe it is important as it makes our business and its earnings relatively more resilient to today’s ever changing macroeconomic and political landscape.

Net fees by geography, type and market maturity

Exposure to mature and less-mature

Structural growth markets are those where the use of agencies like Hays to source skilled candidates is a relatively new practice. Traditionally in these markets, this recruitment is undertaken by companies themselves, using hiring teams within their own HR functions. A key driver of our growth is therefore the first time outsourcing of this recruitment to third parties. This means that these markets are relatively less cyclical by nature, and less driven by the prevailing economic backdrop, or short-term sentiment.

More mature markets are those where the use of agencies is a well established, longstanding norm. Here, clients will use agencies to help them fill roles in the majority of cases. As such, these markets tend to be more cyclical in nature, with activity levels dependant far more on the amount of job churn occurring at any particular time. That is, the confidence of clients to replace leavers in their businesses, or hire extra people, and the confidence amongst candidates to move jobs.

Net fees by geography, type and market maturity