Technology and data

In today’s digitally-enabled and data-rich world it is essential that we equip our people with the latest technology tools and products to maximise their productivity and to ultimately get the best candidates to clients faster than anyone else.

An evolving landscape

In 2008, Hays undertook an assessment of the technology landscape in the world of recruitment. What soon became clear was that, in line with most other industries and indeed most other aspects of life, almost every area of the jobs market was becoming increasingly digitally-enabled, and that the level of digitalisation was only likely to increase in the future. In response to the numerous fast-paced changes we were seeing in our market place, the need for technology changes became a strategic imperative.

Responding to change

We have responded to these changes and invested proactively to ensure that our consultants remain as effective as possible. In the front office this meant creating a digital platform for the consultants to use that enabled them to search and find the best candidates for our clients at speed and with precision. We developed a global database system which is searchable using embedded Google technology, is globally connected both within our business and to the world at large, and is future-proofed to ensure that whatever may be the next evolution, we can respond quickly. In the back office we focused on automating processes, whether that be electronic time-sheet capture and authorisation, invoice presentation to clients, or access to personal profiles and data such as pay slips and management information.

We also established shared service centres in key locations around the world and deploy them to maximise cost efficiencies. Our ability to access real-time, accurate and detailed management information to make better informed business decisions has been at the core of how we have managed our business in recent years.

Capturing, analysing and making sense of this wealth of data has become a strategic imperative

Driving fee growth

In the digital world everything works at pace and to be successful you need the architecture to cope. When developing and rolling out OneTouch, our single global database, we ensured that not only was it fully integrated internally within our business, but that it was also connected externally to the world around us in all the ways we thought were relevant to our business. We believe that this is core to delivering on our strategic goals and making our people as effective as they can possibly be. Hays has the IT architecture and intellectual property in place that the modern world of recruitment requires and we believe we are the only recruitment company in the world to have achieved this today.

Use of data

The amount and variety of data that is being generated in our industry has increased exponentially over recent years. We now receive over six million CVs a year and around three million hits on our jobs websites every month. Capturing, analysing and making sense of this wealth of data has become a strategic imperative.

At the heart of our business is the protection of candidate personal data and client confidential information. We respect the trust individuals and companies place in us to look after the information they provide us on a daily basis. Hays has systems and processes in operation to best ensure that this information is held and transferred, where appropriate, in a secure manner. Hays recognises the importance of complying with all relevant data protection and privacy laws in each of our local markets.

Why this matters

Our sector leading technology is key to driving growth by helping our expert consultants get the best candidates to clients faster than anyone else, maximising their productivity and the Group’s income. Equally, access to real-time, accurate management data allows management teams to make accurate and timely business decisions.